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Internet Explorer is the oldest web browser of all time. It was developed by Microsoft Corporation and released in 1995 as an Add-on pack with Windows 95. Later on it was made available for free with even, any Windows OS or Windows device.

Internet Explorer has four versions like Explorer 8, Explorer 9, Explorer 10 and Explorer 11 which support Windows OS versions like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 respectively. Internet Explorer helps us in displaying websites, playing audio and video files, searching for web information, saving and sharing of emails, printing web page text, providing security settings, network file sharing and many more.

Downloading and installing of Internet Explorer is not required nowadays as all the Windows device already carry it as a default web browser. But in case any Windows 7 user wants to upgrade the version into Windows 10 or above, or any Windows user wants to install Internet Explorer in his formatted Laptop or Desktop, there are some stipulated methods which need to be followed. Our Internet Explorer browser Support team provides guidance for these methods. To help any user finding difficulty to install or uninstall Internet Explorer Browser. So, you can call us at any point of time if you get stuck at any point while installing Internet Explorer.

How to Download and Set-up Internet Explorer on Windows 10?

  • At first type Internet Explorer on the search bar on Windows 10 next to the start menu
  • Then right click on Internet Explorer and choose Pin to taskbar
  • Then start enjoying the benefits of Internet Explorer

Your Internet Explorer browser support is only a single click away.  Many times you might face some errors while downloading and installing Internet Explorer to your Windows OS. Your installation procedure might not get completed, i.e., it will not give any confirmation message of the completion of the process. You might face some errors after the installation of Internet Explorer Browser. Your CPU might start running slower or faster than before, or your Internet Explorer or IE is crashing too often or any other errors. You need to reinstall or repair your IE browser with the help of an expert support service. Internet Explorer Browser Support will provide you that expert guidance.

Common Errors faced by Internet Explorer users:-

  1.    Difficulty in viewing the web page in IE browser
  2.    404 Error which means the page cannot be displayed
  3.    Frequent Crashing or Freezing or hanging of IE browser
  4.    Display issues in the IE browser
  5.    A problem in playing Video files
  6.    Error in opening any large image file
  7.    Your IE browser is not responding to any input
  8.    Your IE browser is taking too much time to load any web page

All the errors mentioned above can be fixed easily by our IE Support team with a single call at our helpline number.

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Call us at our Internr Explorer Support Toll-Free Number at +1-800-712-5705 for install Internet Explorer browser easily on your Windows OS. We are available for 24 hours a day and seven days a week to help you with quick and easy solutions to your problems.